Integrated audio visual and communications systems in government environments are key to productivity. Jands technical capabilities and diverse product portfolio offers best in class communication, lighting, and presentation solutions.

Quite simply, poor solutions waste time and energy. Investing in long lasting unified multi-site communication to suit your chosen communication platform enables government.

We understand the sensitivities required of secure environments while recognising the need and expectation to have facilities that meet long life-cycle and quality assurance requirements.

As governments and business decentralise - clear and reliable communication and collaboration at a distance is paramount. From council discussion systems, through to audio and video transport over networks for courtroom or simulation systems, we have answers. If it is interfacing for Video Conferencing microphone solutions or comprehensive Public Address system for government buildings, we get the message through.

When it comes to lighting, our Architectural LED Lighting portfolio provides solutions for council run facilities through to state-of-the-art lighting for libraries, theatres and world class auditoriums. Our Jands Venue Engineering team have the for any specification required.

With over 40 years’ experience, application engineers at all levels rely on Jands technical capabilities to deliver a robust, long lasting solution.

Light and Space: How Architectural Lighting solutions from ETC and GDS make the room

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Architectural Lighting Solutions For Government Buildings

The New Zealand Government is responsible for some of the oldest and most historically significant buildings in the country. Anolis provides energy efficient lighting solutions for public spaces.